Monday, May 11, 2009

Left-handed and Loving Life!

I am a cripple. My fickle shoulder decided it wanted to pop out of it's socket during an awesome ultimate frisbee game on Saturday. I was not happy. It apologized but it's still feeling sad and sorry. I have to cradle it and treat it gently all the time. It has very sensitive feelings. But it is getting better. :D

My left hand has proudly stepped up to the responsibility of primary duty doer, though it is having trouble in several areas. It has a difficult time tying shoes and holding silverware for eating. However, it is improving handsomely. My left and right arms have served me well. I try to take good care of both of them. :D

As you can see I have to take especially good care of my arm. :)

This picture was taken today as I waited to take the physics exam. We took it at Grants Pass High School. It was pretty intense. I'm glad it's over. :D

Beautiful Shoes!
(at Baskin Robbins. The Emmons are jealous, I know. :D )

Good-lookin' Jeb.

My dream come true; to set up and play my drums out on a field. Very cool. :D

My very own rock band. "The Benevolent Irish Band of St. Patrick's Classy Clan."

Having trouble with our touring van.

Rocking out some more.

Me with my faithful body guard. :D
You know how it is when you're a celebrity and everyone likes you; you have to hire a body guard to fight off all the screaming fans! ....haha! Juuuust kidding.... :D

Photo Credit Goes to Alexa, Destiny, and Mrs. Kruse!