Monday, February 18, 2008

Frisbee was a blast!

All I can say is-
stiff and sore .......but it was more than worth it!


Saturday, February 16, 2008


Ultimate Frisbee season has come!
Tomorrow, Sunday, there's going to be a frisbee game(s) at 4pm at Riverside Park! And possibly some football! Can't wait!

See ya there!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Another Beautiful Day!

It's feeling more and more like spring time!! And ya'know what springtime means? It means Ultimate Frisbee and Football!! Whoohoo!!
I can't remember the last time I had some good hard exercise and I'm pretty badly out of shape. It usually happens that way....I get lazy and fat over the winter and then I recover when summer comes around. Can't wait!

Yesterday, I was sitting in front of my computer, (like I am now, heh heh) and I looked out the window and a warm breeze was rushing through our trees and there was hardly a cloud to be seen. So I jumped up, grabbed the camera, went outside, and took some pictures. It was great!

I got to see little Boone today. He can stand with almost no help now! Pretty soon he'll be walkin'!

Last night, we went to the Discipleship Program that dad organized as part of Coram Deo Church. It's a 14 week program about being and making disciples. It has been great! Nearly everyone from church has been comin'; Wednesday nights. Last night Ron Strom taught about doing good works for God's glory. He compared worldly works and Godly works and said that it really comes down to our motives. For example, if I gave money to the poor and my motive was to glorify myself rather than god, then that would be worldly.

He talked about how everything we do or have should be used for God's glory. And that we should be good stewards of what God has given us.

We should be good stewards of our-

And use them for God's glory.

If you want to read more about our meetings and what we're discussing go to to dad's blog-

Alright, have a good evening, enjoy the weather and stay tuned for more from the illustrious Sledvinsky!

Thursday, February 7, 2008


Sorry, but I am just ultra excited right now!!! I couldn't help but post about it, so if this post sounds really wild you'll have to excuse me. :)
I'm not sure exactly why I feel so pumped; it must be because just about everything in life is going great! YEEEEAAAAH!!!

But for the sake of understandability I'll try and categorize them. Ok?.....ok. Sound good?.......good :)

Well, let's see, what comes first.....hmmmm.

Well, 1, speech club has been soooo so so much fun this year. For one debate been incredibly awesome. I have learned so much. I had absolutely no idea I would love debate like I do now!! It has been so incredibly, extraordinarily, fantastical!!! Yeah!! ......and 2 I'm not such a nervous wreck like I was last year.

I remember being terrified to death last year over doing impromptu, and apologetics, even though I'd already been in competition the year before and I already had some experience. I also didn't do very well in competition; I didn't place in anything I competed in.......though I'd do it again if I had to, because I learned so much about God through apologetics.....and learning to seek God for satisfaction......and not tournament results.

What used to be my least favorite speech category (Impromptu) is now one of my favorite. I don't know,.. I feel like I've gotten addicted to standing and speaking in front of people....entertaining them, or persuading them, or making them vote affirmative......HAHA!!
In addition to that, I've already broken to regionals in 5 categories (Debate, impromptu, apologetics, Persuasive, and Duo....YEAH!) and I still have 2 more tournaments I'm competing at......which means if I break in one more thing than I'll qualify as a Regionals IronMan. That would be awesome!! So I'm working on an OI and an expos that I might be able to break in.

Ok, moving on.....what else am I jazzed about?.....

Oh yeah! I just finished both my Affirmative and Negative cases and I'm pretty happy with them. Can't wait to debate with 'em! And now I can move to my OI and expos(on submarines) and spend all my waking hours them!!! Yes, I know what you're thinking, "This guy is completely whacked out! He's addicted to speaking in front of people...Ha!....what a weirdo!" And, yes, you would be right in thinking that. :) is good. *grin*

Let's see, what else is there?........Aw. I've still got an awesome family and it's soon to get bigger! Before I know it Natey Boy will be married and I will have 2 more brother-in-laws........well, sort of.......I guess Conner and Calvin would be "brother-in-laws-once-removed".,....if that makes sense......heh heh!
And in addition to that I've got a huge group of awesome friends!!! And I mustn't forget awesome food! YUP. In fact, we're having pie and ice cream tonight! Yippee! So I've got an awesome family, awesome friends, and awesome food!!

There's more too!...believe it or not! Probly my favorite christian music artist is Steven Curtis Chapman. And I just found out that on his site he has his own radio station so you can listen to almost all his music for free! So I've been listening to his music while doing speech and stuff!
One of my favorite songs is called "Moment Made for Worshiping". The lyrics are awesome. You should listen to it. Go to this link-, click the "play music" button, go down to his "All About Love" CD, click it and then you can skip to the song with the player. It's track 15. The player is a little messed so you'll have to go to the song that's after the one labeled- "Moment Made for Worshiping". Leave a comment if you like it!

And there's one more thing.....the weather is changing! Have you noticed we're getting more day light?? It's been getting warmer too. Spring is on it's way. I love spring time!!!

Well, there ya have it. Those are just few things are making me feel hyper!
Thanks for reading this endless and wild post. Have a good day!!!!

By the way, if you're wondering, I took these pictures last's my shadow on the lawn. And the first picture I'm holding up the camera with my both hands can be free. The camera was on a tripod...