Monday, September 3, 2007

Tons of Pictures!

Hi! The Hulces got some pictures of our sand trip and they recently gave them to us. So now you get to see what we did! Aren't ya happy!!!? :)

After the sand pictures are pictures from this Sunday at Frisbee. It was tons of fun! Not to mention that Naomi came over with my nephew Boone and spent the night(Saturday). Nathanael(my brother-in-law) was gone hunting so that's why Naomi came.

Boone is such a cutie! We got to spend alot of time with him. He is such a happy, content little boy with the hugest, most adorable toothless grin. Whenever he feels excited he kicks his legs, flaps his arms, and does a little squeak. That's his way of laughing. He also likes to barf on people. That's the only uncute thing about him. That and his soiled diapers.

If you leave him to himself, he'll start talking and jabbering to himself. Oh, and did I mention that he is incredibly fat? Well, now ya know.
Man, I can't wait to have a bunch of little cuties like him.

On the Sand!
Jason and I

The whole group

Me, Caleb and Josh

Me and Jason havin' a blast!



Holly in her own "sand quad". Nathan helped her build it.

Me, ready to take off.


Nathan and Dad


Heh heh :)


Me...all wet

Nathan.....all wet

And Me again

Takin' a rest

A football


Andy, Nathan and Reid

Mr. Kruse throwing.



  1. Nice Pictures!!! Except the one of me... you are such a little stinker!!! Well, we had a lot of fun:) Oh, and your nephew is sooo cute! I was so glad that I got to see him at Frisbee. Ok, have a great day, or night:)

  2. Nice pics Uncle Ronnie. All that dune buggy stuff looks awesome :)

  3. Hey I know who that anonymous is... it's Kaila. Look, her comment is a min. after the anonymous...

  4. Nice picture of Destiny :o)
    The one of Nathan looks like Ryan Anderson for some reason. Looks like fun!~Ruth~

  5. You should really post!!! What do you think? Can you guess who I am?

  6. I think it's either Poppiny or Natalie. The writing looks more like Poppers than Natters.

  7. How did you know??? Ha:D

  8. Hey what is your favorite story in that midshipman book??? I was thinking that maybe Devin could do one of those:0) What do you think??? He wanted to do a humorous to.