Thursday, January 24, 2008


Hello everyone! Long time, no post! :D

Well, as many of you already know we had an awesome speech tournament in Medford this last weekend. It was a put it frankly.

At the Tournament I broke in everything I competed in.....and that means I'm going to Regionals. And in 5 Categories so far! Wow......who woulda thunk it!?

I'm going to Regionals in Impromptu, Apologetics, Persuasive, Duo Interp, and Debate. Mrs. Haugen was talking to mom and said that if I made it to Regionals in one more IE speech then I would qualify as an Iron Man.......which is sort of like Sweepstakes. So mom thinks I should try to qualify in one more event. So lately I've been workin' on what I might be able to break to Regionals in.

I've been thinkin' it'd be cool to do an Expos on submarines, or an OI on Little Britches, or.....(this one is scary)....possibly Extemp *Gasp*,...or even all of 'em! That'd be fun!!!

So that's what I've been busy with lately. Yup!! .....oh and debate......and piano, math, and history.

Alexa and I just started going through Advanced Mathematics; a Saxon math book. We're on lesson 5.
Also for history, we finished the "America's Providential History" book and are now watching a Jamestown Quadricentennial DVD once a day.....those are really good!

Here are some pictures of the duo Alexa and I got first place with. Our wonderful Grandma took all these pictures.

Some more pictures from the tournament-

Can't wait till the next tournament!


  1. Haha.... I like the pictures of when you were doing your DUO.... very funny! Especially the one of Alexa! That sure was a fun tourney.... I can't wait till the next one!

    That is so cool that you broke in everything you entered in... same here! But, I only did 3 things... but I got a sweepstakes! (I was so shocked I got that!)
    Well, see ya soon!

  2. What a fun tournament! Thank you to all that put so much effort into making it a wonderful weekend for so many kids! :)
    The sign game especially...;)
    haha... good times. We'll have to play that at the Rainmakers tourney. BTW, are you guys coming up to it?

  3. Yeah, I think we are comin'! At least we Sleadd's.....I don't know about anyone else.

  4. Extemp....extemp!!! That sounds exciting!!!!

    What's up with the upside down pic of Boone? He's one chubby, serious (I was playing with him at the touney and could never get him to smile), and cute kid :)

    Ok got to go...I want to watch Alexa's foam-chuck skill video again (I can't get enough of that wackiness)...

  5. White Rabbit!!!

    Poppiny :0)