Monday, February 18, 2008

Frisbee was a blast!

All I can say is-
stiff and sore .......but it was more than worth it!



  1. Whish your guys did it some other time so we could come!!!

  2. Hey, Sledvinsky... we actually didn't go to the Owens thing:( My mom had a call at the same time the thing started. So.... yea:(

    I wanted to ask you if you know if we are aloud to add words in an OI?... because weren't you before? I always thought but now the rules ganged and stuff... so, do you know if you are aloud to add words throughout the speech in an OI????


  3. Hey Destiny,
    Yes, I believe you're allowed to add in words wherever you like. But only for OI.

    Here are the rules stated on the NCFCA site-
    "Open Interpretation (OI) provides an unrestricted opportunity for a student to creatively explore and develop the intellectual, emotional, and artistic embodiment of any type of literature he or she chooses. This may include original work, unpublished work by others, or traditional published material."
    So, technically, you could even write your own OI.

    Mr. Sledvinsky's spelling lesson of the day:
    'Gang' is supposed to be change; and 'aloud' is supposed to be allowed. :D

  4. Okay... so I'm not he best speller! I never was... :D

    Okay, thanks for the rules:D Does that mean that you could add dialogue? Like on your speech, you wouldn't have as much narration IF you could add dialogue :0) That's kinda cool... if I'm right:D Am I? Can you add dialogue to your speech???


  5. Aaron,
    Yes, just wondering if I (since I'm doing an OI) can add some words into, say, a script from a book and not have to site it anywhere in the speech.

    What I mean is, can I add my own words and not need to site it in the speech that I added those words. Would we get in trouble for intermixing words or is this just a free-for-all speech category with no rules or boundaries?

    "thinking why I wrote this"

    Oh, and one more thing. Do I need to photocopy the book that I am using? I photocopy my own words which I added??? I am like totally confused. Could you help me out a little? Please Sledvinsky!

    "weeping uncontrollably"

    Bye. I'll come back later.

  6. are you guys playing frisbbe in sundays from now on? destiny, why cant you guys go?

  7. Well Drew... our church starts at 3 and Frisbee is from 4-6 (I think)... so, our church isn't over till about 5 and then we have a potluck and we live in Central Point which is like 30 min away from Grants Pass... So… that's why we can't go:(

  8. wow, your church doesnt start till 3!?!?!? Ours is 9:30 so we have most of the day to play! We live in Medford, and we went a few times last year. Im not sure if it was worth it though!