Monday, May 19, 2008


Well, I just got offered a full time job! It would pay well above minimum wage too. WOWZA! FULL-time! .....I dunno if I could do it! :D
Another bonus is I would be able to carpool to work with Nathan and save on gas!

Wowza #2: I'm most likely going to be Nate's Cable Reel Assembler and Supplier guy.... for Sleaddventures. I actually just spent a ton of my savings ordering the equipment required to assemble cable reels. It should be shipped here in the next few days.

Wowza #3: I've got a neighbor who has a bunch of yard work for me to do.... and he's paying me. :D I actually worked through the afternoon for him today... stacking wood, weed-whacking, mowing, etc.

Wowza #4: God is soo good. That's the long and short of it.... God is so good.
There is soo much stuff that has been happening that I wish I could post..... there just isn't enough time. Nevertheless, I'll try to cover the basics of how God has been blessing me.

Well, it seems the topic of money has been coming up a lot lately... other guys I know are looking for ways to make money; in our church discipleship program, we've been discussing how to handle finances and be debt free; Nathan is working away like an ant earning money so he can buy a house; and so on, etc. So it got me thinking about how much money I need to make in order to do all these things such as- buy a car, pay for insurance, build up savings, stay out of debt, pay for a house, raise a family, etc. So I did a little math and found that I'm gonna have to be makin' ALOT of money if I want to be able to buy a house by the time I'm twenty. And then, all of a sudden I've been offered a full-time job and all these money-making opportunities. Wowza! :D
So, in conclusion, God has been good to me. He is good. And He is always going to be good.

Have a blessed day!


  1. Okay Aaron, you put a comment on my blog and now I've got to leave one on yours right?

    Well you sure are one funny guy and I'm glad you got your hair cut. It looks great! Not as good as mine but still great :)

    See ya around!

    Bye Bye

  2. Wowza! That's neat. So are you going to take on the full-time job?

  3. David: Thanks for the comment, dude. And yes, I'm glad I got my hair cut too. :D
    Destiny: Yeah, I'll be takin' it! :D
    The job probly won't start for a few weeks or so. I guess they're not ready for me yet.
    I will probably go part-time when the school year starts up again. We'll see...