Saturday, June 26, 2010

Kentucky Trip Update- Day 5

Hello everyone!

We are having a fantastic time here in Kentucky! So far we have been to the Creation Museum, the Louisville Zoo, the Churchill Downs where the Kentucky Derby is held, and of course many other places in Louisville including relative's homes. It's a strange feeling to be in places where my dad grew up and to hear him talk about memories from his younger years.

We've also been doing tons of swimming. It's pretty hot and humid here. The swimming place that dad would go to every day during summer is still here in Louisville, and that's where we've been going. It's just down the street from his childhood home.

Right now, Alexa and Dad are still in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for Alexa's Right To Life oratory contest. Caleb and I are here at Grandma Dixie's house.

We haven't been able to upload videos or photos for y'all due to internet issues. But now we've got internet so I can at least blog.

We miss all of you already.... ( well, I do... I'm not sure about the others. :P ). I'm having a blast but I still miss home.

Until next time, God bless!