Friday, July 6, 2012

Simple Surrender

I've thinking about how much I need to change in the last several weeks. I have all these grand intentions of getting this-n-that down and setting this-n-that goal and pleasing God by how hard I try to be good for Him. Perhaps I'm not trying hard enough? Or perhaps I'm trying hard in the wrong ways.

Perhaps I've got my gas pedal and brake pedal switched. I'm stomping on the brake pedal and expecting to go somewhere.

I was telling a good friend about all the frustrations I'd been struggling with in myself. He said, "Just gotta take one day at a time."

That struck me. I'm so focused on what's next that I forget to embrace today. Today is a gift. Today is when the world is at my fingertips. Today is when God is here and He's ready to forgive me and change me. Today is the day that the Lord has made. I can do something about today. I can devote this day to Him.

I've been fighting and fighting for change in my live. But now it's time to surrender. It's time to surrender my pride and admit that I can't be good enough on my own. It's time to surrender my selfish ambitions and self-sufficient attitude. It's time to surrender my reluctance to just trust and obey. It's time to confess my sin and seek forgiveness. It's time to choose joy. It's time to surrender.

Simple surrender.


  1. I really enjoyed read through your posts I can definitely relate.

  2. Yet it's so hard to surrender. It frightens me to start devoting myself. To turn myself around.

  3. We must be thankful everyday because it's God's gift to us. Make the most of the day, and be sure not to dwell on negative things. Be optimistic always.