Saturday, March 31, 2007

Yesterday's Happenings

This whole week has been spring break for us because dad doesn't have to go to work. So its been pretty relaxed. Yesterday I did some gardening for mom and then we drove to piano lessons in the afternoon.
I've been learning piano for about a year a half.....maybe less, and I'm not really that good. Right now I'm learning a really hard Jazz song called "Twilight". Its hard because of the huge unpredictable chords that are full of sharps and flats. While Alexa and Caleb were getting their lessons, that's when I did my first post. (I have a portable laptop, you see, with a wireless connection which is convenient for when I have go somewhere).

Afterward we went to the Grange Co-op and I bought 2 bags of chicken feed (I own 15 egg machines, you see) and 2 dried pig ears. The pig ears tasted reeeeaaallllly good! least for our dog, Macy. She loves me now. I wonder why.

After that we went home and Mom finished the other half of my haircut. You see.....2 days ago Alexa (my younger sister) started cutting my hair (It had gotten kinda long) and gave up (shes a good hair cutter but she doesn't think so) so Mom continued where she left off. And Mom made a few mistakes so it was kinda choppy and uneven. That was on Thursday, so Mom finished it yesterday. Then we went to a wedding after dinner.
Joshua Oliveri and Rachel Owen got married.It was a very nice wedding....with lots of food. We and some other families helped with the clean-up afterward. And we also got a bunch of extra left-over cake. Three platters full in fact.It was lots of fun and we got home about 11:30 pm.

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