Sunday, May 27, 2007


As I'm sure all of you know, the school year is coming to a close for the summer. And many young people are graduating. Among them are my brother Nathan Sleadd, Victoria Emmons, and Colleen McMurray. 3 of the greatest people on this planet.

Colleen McMurray(left) is a very godly young woman who has a passion for the Word of God and for sharing the gospel with unbelievers. She is so vibrant and encouraging, despite the suffering her and her family are going through with the sickness of their youngest, Calvin. She is like a big, older sister to me. Colleen is a mighty warrior of God.

Nathan Sleadd(middle) is my older brother and it's hard to imagine how life would be without him. He is also a very godly young person who has the Word of God embedded in his heart. He puts up with my gooniness and teasing and sets a great example as a godly young leader in a culture that expects mediocrity from their teenagers. He is my brother and my best friend. Nathan is a mighty warrior of God.

Victoria Emmons(right) is also a very godly young woman who has a humble servant's heart. She loves the Word of God and has a passion for children and orphans. She gives all glory to God, rather than herself. She is a wonderful sister in Christ. Victoria is a mighty warrior of God.

1 Timothy 4:12
Let no one look down on your youthfulness, but rather in speech, conduct, love, faith and purity, show yourself an example of those who believe.

At their graduation ceremony, each of the graduates gave a speech and the theme was kind of like changing the world. They were so awesome. I love each of these people and hope that someday I can be as humble and God-glorifying as they are.

P.S. They hosted and planned one of the best graduation parties I have ever been to! There were around 100 people there, most of which I knew and were good friends with. God has blessed me so much with so many beautiful friends and family!
There was 5 full hours of games, food, worship, prayer, and dancing. That's right! It was a blast!!! Mr. Kruse directed the calls for the line dancing and he did an excellent job. He's really funny too; just like the rest of the Kruses.
It's hard to pick out my favorite part, but I would have to say the Swing dancing was the best. Either that or the worship time. Both were wonderful.
Alexa and I had been practicing a little bit of swing dancing the evenings before, so we were ready. We know the basic steps really well, but only a few extra moves. We'll have to learn some more moves sometime soon. That's always fun.
We didn't get any of our own pictures of the party, but there were others who, I believe, did. If I am able to get any pictures from the party, I will post them later.

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  1. Great post!!! They are all so awesome. we had a great time on Saturday.