Monday, November 10, 2008

They're Gonna hava Baby!

Yes, it's true. Nathan and Colleen Sleadd are already expecting their first child! They surprised us all at church yesterday with the thrilling news.

So during announcements at church, Mr. Nathan stands up, with this goofy, yet subtle grin that seemed to say, "I know something you don't!"

Alexa and I both had a hunch that there was something out of the ordinary when he stood up with that hidden smile. So he starts thanking everyone who helped make the wedding happen and for all the support he and Colleen received.

And then he goes,
"...and now that the wedding is over we're looking forward to getting lots of free dinners in 9 months."

There was a brief silence and I was thinking, "Huh? Why would they be getting free dinners? And why in 9 months? Wait... 9 months? Isn't that how long....? NO WAY!!"

It took everyone a few milliseconds to process what Nathan had said... but when we figured it out we got all excited and congratulated them both.

Alexa was sitting next to me and she burst out in tears at the exciting news. And then several people got up and gave Nathan and Colleen nice big hugs.

Wow. In a matter of weeks my brother has gone from living at home with his parents, to living alone as a bachelor, to getting married, to becoming a dad. Wow. No fair. :)