Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I've been nominated for Governor!

Today was awesome! I learned a ton and had a blast! It is very fun getting to know new people. It's probably even a good thing that no one I know really well is here because if they were, then I would only hang out with them and not meet as many new people.... It's kind of like what Tait was saying about Regionals. But at the same time I wish you all were here so you could learn all the amazing things I've been learning.

We have what are called 'field experiences' about twice or 3 times a day. A field experience is where you leave 'home base' (the room where we met regularly), and go somewhere in the capitol to see the government in action.

Today we watched the house of representatives for a short period . This was after we had learned all the procedures and rules of conduct that they follow. We watched it from the balcony and I was able to look down and see all the representatives, the speaker of the house, etc. Dennis Richardson, the representative from our district, was down there. It was very organized and official.

Another highlight of the day was during one of the breakout sessions. We were split into 4 different made-up political parties. I was in the Dehydrated Rain party. So in that session we had to vote on different issues our party would support and then we nominated and elected a governor and 3 representatives. This was the primarys of the election.

So that was when they elected me as governor nominee. That was kind of exciting. :)

Tomorrow we'll do the general election. So I'll be campaigning and running against the governors from the 3 other parties. And 2 of them I already know- Taylor Wells and Quinton Cools. I really look forward to it!!!! :D

I've been having a great time so far. The conversations have all been excellent! Mr. Harris and those leading the camp have a lot of insight and wisdom on issues such government, its role, and how it compares with the church, the family, and the individual person.

I'll try and keep you all updated!