Friday, August 10, 2007

Busy, Busy, Buzy. Pt. 1 of 2

Well, Hello dere!
It's me again. Perhaps you've been wondering what I've been up to. Perhaps you aren't, but I'll tell you anyway. I'll try to categorize it to help boil it all down. Hmm........Let's see.....Yard Working, Camping, Birthday-ing, Debate-ing, Filming, and Pool-ing.......And Scheming.

Yard Working!
I've told you a little bit already about me doing yard work but I never said exactly what I've been doin'. So I'll tell ya. I have 2 regular clients- Guy and Audrie McDonald, and Richard Virgin; both fairly close neighbors.

I do mowing for the McDonalds almost every Friday and they're moving back to California soon so I've been helping 'em move furniture, boxes, and so forth.

I do all sorts of things for Richard. I'm kinda like his handy-man. He moved here from Cal. in January and is having a lot of work being done on his house and property. The first thing I did for him was take out his big patch of ivy. It was quite a pain getting all those never-ending roots out of the ground. Later I moved some rocks, raked leaves, weed-whacked, tore down and re-built a small part of his wood shed, stacked a cord of wood, and I just finishing painting his big deck.

It's been fun working and making money. So that's a little bit more about my yard work ventures. I've been thinking about even more yard work ventures which you'll read about in the "scheming" section.

The camping trip was a tremendous blast! We spent Friday and Saturday night at Howard Prairie Lake. We went canoing, paint-balling, boating and lots of other things. The boating was very fun because I was able to get up on a wake board for the first time! I also got to try some jumps and things. It was soooooo much fun! I can't wait to do it again. In fact, we're going camping again next week and I'll be able to do it there. YESYESYES!!! We didn't get many pictures except of the fire places. But we did get a lot of video footage with our new Canon GL-2.
The last day of camping(Sunday) was my 16th birthday.

It was an awesome birthday. 16 years from then was August 5th, 1991. Pastor Dale gave a sermon that morning at the campsite and then there were some baptisms in the lake. (Did you know I was baptized in the Rogue River at Riverside Park? Yup. I think I was 6 years old
.) After the baptisms, we got ready to go home, stayed around 'til the afternoon and then headed back. We had a small birthday party after dinner and then Nathan decided he would take me out to see "Bourne Ultimatum", so he and I jumped into the van and got there a few minutes before the film started. It was an awesome film. Very intense, cool fight scenes, and an intriguing plot line. The best part is where Jason Bourne and another top-agent/assassin have a hand-to-hand combat scene. It's pretty intense. Read a good review on it here.

Then, on Monday, mom and Alexa took me out clothes shopping- one of my most favorite things to do........haha......not exactly. Mom got me some boots and sandals and some shirts. Though, I don't care for shopping, I still appreciate the clothes they bought me. The picture above is of me with one of my new shirts.
It was a wonderful birthday!

Speech club is coming up pretty soon I am going to do Lincoln-Douglas debate this year. So I just recently started studying and compiling info. I haven't exactly worked on the affirmative case yet because I'm still getting familiar with the topic-Isolationism. There's also going to be a debate camp coming up soon that I need to be ready for. I can tell it's going to be very fun but a lot of time. Lots of research. I can't wait until speech starts up again. Here's a link to learn more about debate-click

That's all for now folks! Stay tuned for Part 2 with
Filming, and Pool-ing.......and Scheming.
Part 2 should have lots of pictures....I think.

See ya later......


  1. Wow... sounds like you're busy:) No wonder you haven't posted:P Well, I'm looking forward to the pictures.... man if you hadn't posted I think I was just about ready to pop... haha:P All right, enough with the jokes... heehee:D I liked the post... good bye now, it's getting late.

    See ya tomorrow... actually today... ha:)


  2. You look different in those pics.
    I want to see pics of you guys wake boarding. Sounds like fun.

  3. I agree with Kaila, not one of those pictures looks like you:P What's up with that???

  4. It might be because I need a haircut...hehe.

  5. Hey, are you coming to church today???? You should:)

  6. That was me, Destiny:P Sorry...