Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Of Camping, Birthdays, and War movies

We're going camping!!!!! Yippeeee!!!!
Our church is having a big campout at Howard Prairie Lake this weekend. There's going to be boating, paint balling, and (best of all) Eating! And you're invited!

It's free and we have the big group campsite reserved for any friends who want to come. You can come and set up camp, or just come for a day trip. There is going to be a BBQ/shared meal Saturday night and dad is going to do some silly camp songs. Then there's going to be a worship service Sunday mornin' at 10am followed by baptisms.

If you would like to come, click here for info and stuff.

The dates are August 3-5.

Speaking of which, my birthday is on the 5th. I'm going to be a big ol' whoppin' sixteen year old! Can you believe it?!? .......of course you can...........what a dumb question.
Interesting fact: This'll be the 3rd (4th?) year in a row where we have been camping during my birthday. I kinda like it. Camping is really fun.

I will soon have my own driver's license and I'll probly move out.....right? Heh heh, No.
I might get a job at the local hardware store or Grange Co-op. Or I might just keep on doing yard work for neighbors; I get paid more than minimum wage doing yard work and I don't have to pay for car insurance, gas, or taxes. Pretty sweet deal, eh? I can pretty much make my own working schedule, too.

My friend, Zane, and I are filming a World War II movie. We shot our first film day yesterday (Monday) and it went alright. We were a little disorganized and didn't get as much done as we could have, but we still got some good action footage. We also learned some important lessons about lighting and audio.

The tentative Title of the movie is "No Greater Love", taken from John 15. I know you're dieing to know the plot but it is to be kept as a secret. At least for those who aren't in it.

If you're interested in being in it, let me know. Maybe we can fit you in.

In conclusion, go camping and/or enjoy the outdoors, get lots of presents for boys named Aaron who are turning 16 (.....BWAHAHAHAHA!.....NOT!...), and finally, study up on your WWII history. It's really fascinating stuff.

Well, until next time, God bless!
~Aaron Sleaddvinsky

P.S. If you're wondering, the picture of the soldier is just a random WWII photo. Not out of our movie.


  1. Wow!!! I want to be in a movie:) Oh, I guess I am a girl... nice post. Hope you have a fun camp out:)

  2. P.S The next movie you make should be about girls.... then maybe I could be in it:D Hee... hee... hee. :P

  3. Wish we could come, at least on Sat. but you never know when mom's going to have the baby now. She might have it on your b-day :)

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AARON!!! I hope you have FUN on your special day.

  5. So, how was the trip??? *hint*

  6. Sounds neat...

  7. Hey how bout' some production pictures? I heard you might use my dad for a german:o). ~Ruth~

  8. Excuse me...but I would like to see some pics. If you would be so kind as to post some, I would be very obliged :)