Sunday, November 11, 2007

My Sister's Blog

Naomi and her baby. (Don't you love his fat little hands and cheeks??)

Hello y'all.
If you want to read some funny stories from my older sister Naomi, go to her blog.
It's great!


  1. I've been to it and read all her stuff. Every time she posts it comes to me because I have Google Reader. She does have some funny stories on it:) And, your nephew is so cute!

  2. I thought Noah was chubby...he's just as chubby :) Too cute!

    Thanks for you comment on the Omnibus Blog. It was really encouraging. I LOVE LONG comments...they encourage me to continue to write :)
    My dad has the cd version of the Jamestown thing and I have loved listening to them. I haven't heard that one yet, but believe me I will :)
    The story is amazing and really helps us, those who wish to truly serve God, push on.
    Your family I believe has already played a big part in the will defiantly carry on that legacy.

    See ya tonight...I think :)

  3. Hey I enjoyed watching you guys at the speech club last night! Thanks for welcoming me in.