Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving and Memories.

We had a wonderful thanksgiving on Thursday. The Emmons came over and they had painted their faces with indian war paint. That was funny!

So we ate a lot, but I didn't gorge myself half to death as I have in the past. After the meal we went for a walk down to a new road near us while the sun was setting. It was a splendid walk.

Then the Emmons had to go to another party so they left about 6pm. We had dessert and watched home videos.

It's always odd seeing yourself from years ago. I certainly was a geek!....always jumping in front of the camera and stuff....I guess things haven't changed too much.

Caleb was sure cute back in those days.

So I found an old video of myself from a Covered Bridge Family Arts night. I think I'm either 11 or 12. I had never given a speech before so I was pretty nervous. My voice sounded pretty high back then, too. :)



  1. You didn't look too nervous...but you look exactly like Caleb (it's weird). Your smile at the end looked like one of relief :)

    Also I watched the boat one...who was on it? You and Zane?
    See ya later!

  2. Yeah the boat one was of Zane and I.

    It think the best part of that video is the music...Joe Satriani...with the distorted guitar. :)

  3. Oh my goodness... you do look like Caleb! That's funny:0) Your speech was good. Was that on a Art night that you had? I remember going to something like that a long time ago that your family put on. Well, you didn't look that nervous.