Monday, November 5, 2007

The Round Robin

On Saturday the Deems, us 3 older Sleadd kids, Dillon Holst, Jachin Scott, Ellie and Kolton Anderson, and Alex Goldman all went up to Portland for an Lincoln-Douglas debate Round Robin.
From Clarion speech club there were 6 debaters, 4 timers, and 2 judges. We got up at 3:30 in the morning and met the Deems and Holsts at Wal-mart at 5:00.

Then we headed out.

2 red vehicles: Clifford and our Astro van. I slept for about the first hour and a half. At the end of my nap I was half awake and dreaming at the same time and I dreamed we were about to run some long haired guy over. That kind of woke me up. Haha!

The ride was very interesting after that. Dillon and Dylan got into some heated debate about Iraq and Isolationism in general. We all pitched in our 2 cents and argued with them.....more like 222 cents. Haha!
It was one of those informal debates where everyone's just trying to scrounge up random evident to support their case....and speaking loudly at the same time. Haha! 'Course with everyone doing that, the van was pretty Nathan flipped on the radio. And a talk show happened to be on, discussing Iraq and whether or not we should keep our troops there. Which has a lot to do with Isolationism; the LD debate resolution. Ironic.

So we made it to the church facility at about 10. Tait, Dylan, Alex, and I lead worship and then we began the debate rounds. There were 4 other debaters from Seattle.

I'm so glad I went because I was a little unsure if I wanted to compete in debate. In short, I was a little nervous about the whole ordeal. But now I know it's tons of fun and it's not nearly as scary or hard as I thought it'd be.

I'm also really excited because I got 2nd place! And Dylan Deems got 1st! Yippee!
I feel like I was just lucky or something. I couldn't believe I actually placed higher than all the better, more experienced debaters.

Here are some random pictures of the trip.

Creighton rockin' out on the church drums.

The ride home was pretty wild, as you can see.

We stopped for pizza on the way home. It was really good! We also went for a walk there in Jefferson city.

My polite brother. Rather discreet I might add. :)

Dylan the Dude!

The Nerd of the Debaters

Tait. I love his hat!!! I am going to get a fancy hat like his to wear everywhere. Yup!

Tessa the terrific timer.

Taking a break, on the way up.


Debater Jachin.


  1. I know you all had fun, ok!!! Just kidding. See ya at speech. God bless. -Devin

  2. Looks like fun and congrats that you got 2nd place! I wish I could have gone... I was sad all day:( Well, not really. See ya at speech... maybe, if I get better (I'm sick). Oh, and... don't get a hat like Tait's...

  3. Great post, Aaron! It was fun to hear all about the trip. Congrats!

  4. Actually Aaron... I think that you should get a hat like Tait's. I shouldn't have said anything like that about his hat. I'm really sorry. It is really neat that you want to be like him, he is so cool!

  5. CONGRATULATIONS! That is so awesome you got 2nd, and your first year too! You sure are going to go far, I'm so excited for you all!

    I like that pic of Dylan with the glasses...he looks cool.

    Loved the hat last night...very spiffy. You and Tait are going to start a whole new trend :)

    See ya later...and I'll post soon :)

  6. Yeah great job! It was cool that clarion took 1 2 and 3. And don't worry the hat thing WILL NOT start a new trend. :P Looking forward to debating you...


  7. Sounds like fun! Now I wish I was in debate...maybe next year. Well ttyl ~Ruth~

  8. Hey, I just started a blog here and found your blog on account of the fact that we are both Christians, we both homeschool, and we are both competing this year in NCFCA LD debate! This is my third year competing in speech and I finally decided to try LD debate this year. I'm in Region 10 though, so unless we both manage to get to Nationals this year I probably won't get to meet you anytime soon. But then again, you seem to be off to a good start! Here's hoping you do well the rest of the season!