Monday, June 4, 2007

Boating and Pictures

We went boating with the Moores today! It was a BLAST!!! Alexa, Caleb, and I left for Lost Creek Lake at 1:00, with the Moores. They have a very nice stretch-van(15-passenger) and they are great friends.

The water was warm (75degrees) but the weather was kind of chilly for boating. We had wet-suits so it wasn't that cold.

We were out on the lake at about 2:30 and boated until 4:30. We would have gone longer but it started to rain. Now, you might be thinking "Oh, come on! What's a little rain when you're already wet?"(or maybe you're not but that's beside the point...:-) ). But this wasn't any old rain, it was one of those drenching downpours that comes with thunder-storms. It was kind of cool to see the "wall" of rain come closer and closer as we boated. They were those huge fast-falling raindrops that sting your face when you're going 25 mph. was an awesome adventure. We got drenched just packing everything up. That was probably the most exciting part.
That or holding on with frozen fingers for dear life as you nearly get flung into the murky shark-infested waters. Actually I got flung off once or twice and lost a sandal to a Great-White as I wrestled to keep him from biting off my leg. Too bad you missed it. I finally gave him such a whopper on the nose that he was content to just eat my sandal.
Anyway here are some pictures-

My great friend Zane Moore

Zane and I

It's hard to tell in the picture, but it's pouring down rain.

Zane (Scaring off another hungry shark)

Olivia Moore driving

Me just out of the water after winning a battle with a Great-White, yet with a sandal missing.

Zane and Alexa

So, the moral of the story is- go enjoy the outdoors, praise God, and watch out for Great-Whites. Cha-ching.



  1. That looks like fun. To bad that it was raining. And are you telling the truth that there was a Great-White out there? See ya later.

  2. Wow it sure dos look like a blast.
    I can’t wait to see you, it was a lot of fun when we went to Ultimate Frisbee. See you later.

  3. Hey Devin, Thanks for the comment. :) It was great to see you guys on Sunday.
    Oh, and Destiny, there wasn't any sharks (unfortunately) but I did actually lose a sandal. :)

  4. I remember that very downpour; I was driving home, trying to listen to Bahnsen's tape on the problem of evil, and the noise on my windshield was simply too great. I can't imagine feeling that on your own skin...

  5. Heehee, I knew it was a joke:)

  6. Looks like fun. But you didn't have as much fun as I did...hehe! On the trip that is :)
    Hey you Davy person, is that Greg Bahnsen? I love listening to him.

  7. Hey aaron,xela hear,that looked like allot of fun but you should have brought at least one shark home as a trophy. had fun at your house the other day.

  8. You haven't posted for awhile. But your next post could never be as good as your sisters, heehee. JK:)

  9. Thou dost jest in vain, Ms. Kruse. Dost thou not know that my sister hath stolen my father's sermon and posteth it on her fiendish blog?! Besides that, she hath pirated every last picture that appeareth on her post from Google Images.
    My composing skills are greatly superior to hers and she herself would readily agree to it. (I hope)
    Haha! :)
    Ok, enough of the Shakespeare.
    I agree, it would be really hard to beat Alexa's post because it was really good.
    I assume you want me to post I guess I'll start working on it; maybe next month or something...heehee

  10. I was making it up, you see...Shakespeare style...I think. :)