Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Well, in one of my earlier posts I had mentioned posting more about a giant swing I built, so here are some pictures.

Nathan and I putting up the first board.

Screwing it in.

It was 20 feet at the top of the ladder. Pretty high. Makes your knees wobble a little.

The ladder

Nathan on the zip-line
(I snapped the picture from the ladder)

Our house from up high

Itty-bitty Caleb

"Don't look down!"

"Whoa. That's really high!"
(You can see Caleb just below me)

"Pretty scary, eh?"

Back to my normal state of coolness.

Caleb enjoying the new swing

Even the chickens aren't too chicken to try it out!


  1. Oh man...next time I come I am so going to swing on it. I love swings (there not as scary as the zipline, even though that was fun once I letted go).

  2. Know you guys have two cool thing at your house. All we have is a bed of nails, heehee:) Nice post.
    -Poppiny, haha:)

  3. Hey Aaron I like your blog!!! I hope you post again, how about today, Heehee:) Ok, I have to go eat, Des is making dinner.

  4. Whats the chickens name? Haha:)

  5. Miss Potts. Because she's the fattest of them all. It seemed like a fitting name.

  6. Ruth Owen said...
    the zipline was so fun to go on! Soooo a giant swing. AWESOME!! Who needs theme parks when you know the Sleadds :o) That's so awesome~Ruth~

  7. You guys are always building stuff. And that's awesome! Wish I could live at your house:o(
    Your Friend,

  8. Just wanted to leave my picture so that everyone knew who was talking >:oD

  9. I am getting so sick of seeing you guys build a swing-whens the update??? :)

  10. Yea!!! Hello, anyone their:)