Monday, June 11, 2007


Lake of the Woods campsite.

Well, here I am, after not posting for nearly a week! I'm surprised Destiny hasn't popped yet! BWAHAHAHA!!! OOoooh...*sigh*...Ok. That was mean. I'm sorry.

Anyway, we've done alot of things in the last week which y'all have probly missed out on. Well, after boating last Monday we continued our regular school through Friday. On Friday, mom and I finished all the stuff you have to do to get a passport.
You see, I'm goin' to China in October with my grandma. For 2 weeks. And one of the places we're going to stay will be just like the Bahamas. Yup. Don't be too jealous, because I'm gonna miss 2 weeks of school during that time. *Schucks* So while you're sitting there, at your desk, with writers block, your pencil in your mouth, looking out the window, I'll be enjoying a nice cold glass of lemonade and a straw, with my shades on, rocking in a hammock, on the beach, under the shade of some coconut trees, sighing contentedly that I'm not doing any school. AAaawww.......It'll be wonderful. heehee. ;)

On Saturday, Nathan and I did a bunch of Sleaddventures packaging and so forth. We got around 30 ziplines packaged! (I was going to post about that sometime. Remind me later.) It took us about all morning and afternoon. Then, at 4, we went to a small party for Steven Sommerfeld because his chemo-therapy was over. There was football, volley-ball, and....(can ya guess?...)..... Ultimate Frisbee!!! There was also pizza and Mountain Dew. It was at Riverside Park.

Then, on Sunday, we went to Church early to set up as usual. Except that there were some other people who were doing worship. They did a great job.
I love doing worship for church(drums) or just singing worship while other people play. When I'm not playing I can just focus on singing and sometimes I'll raise my hands. When I am playing I can still sing and have a blast doing the music. I must say, drums add a lot to music. They add power, variations in the dynamics, and they keep the band together. I love 'em! I think Davy(a fellow drummer) would have to agree with me. :)
We had alot of visitors at church and dad preached on revelation. I was joking with dad that all the visitors came to see him preach. He smiled.
Next Sunday we're doing worship for Bear Creek Church (a sister church to Coram Deo).
So after church, we went to the Quaids for a leisurely afternoon. But after awhile we got a little hyper and I started a water fight. We got pretty wet but it was worth it. We rode their moped and scooters up and down their driveway.

And then today, I've been studying the Holiness of God for apologetics. It is very humbling and exciting to learn about our magnificent and awesome God.
God has been soo good to me. I wouldn't want to be anyone else then what God has created me to be. He's given me a wonderful family, great friends, a free country, a laptop, church, talents, music, His infinite Grace, His mercy, and countless more blessings; but most of all, He's given me eternal life through the sacrifice of His only Son, Jesus Christ.
And all we can do is worship Him.

I was thinking maybe I should post a homeschooling speech I wrote awhile ago. Remind about that later, too. :)

At Coos Bay almost a year ago


  1. Forget about Destiny popping, I already had :)
    Oh... and I would rather be working my brain than sitng around in a hammock (not really) :)
    Sounds like you had fun

  2. What is up with Nathan and you about me popping. I'm not going to pop!!! I really enjoyed your post. (except the part about me popping, hehee:).

    That's awesome that you get to go to China. Wish I could go, but I'll be doing school. Boo-Ho!

    That's cool that you were doing an apologetics card. I still haven't got around to doing one... maybe soon.
    OK, I got to go now.

    -The popping Destiny, heehee:)

  3. I posted today, are you going to?
    -Destiny or Poppiny, heehee:)