Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day

Hey, hey, hey!!! How's everyone doing?... Good? ...That's just wonderful! Well, I'm glad to be back after all these long years.....yup. oh wait.....It hasn't even been a week. *sigh* Oh well....I must have been dreaming. :)

Anyway, in case you were wondering, I didn't die or anything; I've just been enjoying a busy life in the beautiful summer-time.

Summer break has technically started for us, though we are still a little busy. For us Sleadds, we almost always find things to busy ourselves with. Events and parties to plan and go to, money to earn, and endless things to learn. Life is good. Sadly, much too often I take the innumerable blessings God has given me for granted; as if I deserve them anyway.

One of God's blessings to me is a christian family and friends. Yesterday was father's day and after church we went to Roseburg to have a barbeque with our relatives (on mom's side). We had hamburgers. They were delicious. The Raynors(mom's sister's family) live on around 10 acres(I think) and they own goats and steers. They have their steers butchered and sell the meat. They also keep some of the meat and that's what our hamburgers were made of. I don't think I've eaten any hamburgers that tasted better than the Raynor's. They were expertly grilled to a medium-rare and blanketed with a slice of cheddar by my uncle Rich; a master chef indeed. Plop that in between 2 fluffy buns with onions slices, juicy tomatoes, sweet mustard, tangy dill pickles, crisp lettuce, and thick mayonnaise, and you've got a beautiful master piece of art; to be consumed in a matter of minutes. Then it's time to go back for seconds. AAaawww.....doesn't that just make you drool? I hope not; wouldn't be good on your computer. :)

So afterward, we played with our toddler cousins. I think they liked us. They never stopped wanting us to toss them. Then we went to our grandparent's, a few miles away from the Raynors.
Here are some pictures-

On a walk to see the river at grandparent's

It was soo beautiful!

At the Raynor's with Cara

Ian and Cara


  1. Looks like you had a blast, but were going to have a blast today too!!!! I cant wait to see you all, right? Ok I got to go and get ready. Bye:)
    P.S Nice to see you post:)

  2. Welcome back, long lost blogger.
    And I like the black and pink idea, I'll try it next time I paint the room :)

  3. Sounds like you had fun! Cute kids:o) Well Cheerio ~Ruth~

  4. Hey I just got your comment, thanks.