Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I'm in Portland

Howdy! We made it! Nathan drove me up to Roseburg this morning to Grandma's. Grandma and I left Roseburg about 4pm and she had me drive. We stopped in Salem for some delicious burgers, fries, and a milkshake. We arrived at our hotel in Portland about 8:30 pm. Portland feels so huge and scary, especially when you're driving and it's dark. We got 'lost' twice but eventually we made it.

I love small Grants Pass. :)

When we first got to the hotel there was a mix up about our reservations and we were given a room that had just one master bed and smelled awfully of cigarettes. We, thankfully, were able to get a different room with 2 beds and clean smelling air. So after that I explored the hotel and then settled down in our room. The beds are kinda neat; they have remote controls to pump up or shrink the mattress. Both the left and right, separately.

This feels weird.

It's strange being someplace huge and unfamiliar. I've been to big cities and hotels before but, for some reason this feels different. Maybe because it's just me and grandma. It was nice to be able to use grandma's laptop and to go friends blogs just to see something familiar.

But I'm not supposed to feel this way yet because I haven't even left America! I haven't flown any planes yet!! I'm still around people who speak English!!!

Well, as you can see, I'm feeling wimpy. I'll soon get over it. :)

Tomorrow, the plan is to fly to China. My visa was supposed to arrive today at the our tourist's house, in Portland, but I don't know if it has. I can still make it if it comes tomorrow. If it doesn't, Sue, our guide will try to arrange me catching up to them on a later flight in Beijing.
So things are still a little uncertain. But God is in control. If He doesn't want me to go to China, so be it.

You can pray for me that God will use me on this trip, in whatever ways He wills. In case you're wondering, I did bring extra bibles; to smuggle into China.

God bless you all!!!


  1. Well that's cool! You took some bibles... awesome! I hope you make it to China. God bless and be with you:)

  2. Did you take some spiritual surveys? Maybe this trip will shape your perspective on isolationism, too! ;)

  3. Hey Aaron! I hope you have a very fun trip! I'm praying for you.

    We are really going to miss you.


  4. hey Aaron,
    Awesome so you finally started on your big adventure! Well I hope God keeps you safe..I'm praying for you! And that all ur flights work out. How long will you be there? Oh and thanks for the book. :o) Well ttyl ~Ruth~