Monday, October 29, 2007

You hafta...!

You all hafta see 'Mr. Bean's Holiday'! It's hilarious! Also, no crude humor.

I saw it on the plane on the way back from China and I had trouble keeping myself contained. I was afraid everyone would stare at me if I burst out laughing. So I chuckled.....quietly. :)


  1. It sounds really funny! When did it come out???

    Oh, and did you vote on my pole... haha, POLL??? Which one did you vote on???

  2. It hasn't come out yet but when it does you should see it....and your whole family too.

  3. It does sound really funny! I love funny movies! Thats to bad it hasn't came out yet. But when it does, I hope, like you said, that are whole family will be able to watch it! Well... See you at speech, I HOPE!! God bless!

  4. You changed the picture did ya:D Looks more funny now:)