Thursday, October 25, 2007


On our last day in Hong Kong we went to the Ocean Park. We saw sharks, fish, and a dolphin and seal show. It was very fun and the last thing Kelly and I did was ride 'The Dragon'. It was my first roller coaster ride and I was a little nervous that I might get sick or freak out and make a fool of myself.
For Kelly, roller coasters are just a breeze. She took the very front seat. I did the same.
From there it was all hoots and yells. I'd do it again if I could. If you want to see how the ride went, click here-
Click on Park Explorer, then click the Headland Rides link. Click on The Dragon video.

That evening we took a ferry across the bay to a swing dancing place. At first I was really nervous because everyone there was a lot better than me. Kelly is REALLY good! As the evening went on I was about to watch how the pros did it and learn from them. By the end of the dancing I had loosened up and was having lots of fun.

Some tips (from Kelly) on swing dancing (mainly for leads)-
  • Dance on the balls of your feet. Not your heels.
  • Keep right hand firm, supporting your partner.
  • Relax left hand.

Alright! Byebye!


  1. Hmm, very interesting. You had never been on a roller coaster, that's funny:0) They sure are fun!

    My Aunt and Uncle on my dads side are really good at swing dancing! When we went down to Florida about two years ago my uncle taught us how. Anyway... bye, bye:)

  2. That is so cool. Dolphin, roller coaster and favorite things!
    Really...dolphins are my favorite animal, I use to have tons of posters and stuff in my room of them.

    Where have you been? Never been on a roller coaster...that's crazy! I love them...especially the scary ones :0

    Welcome home!
    See ya Tuesday :)

  3. Sound fun! I'm glad ur back! Well see ya at speech! ~Ruth~

  4. Glad your back, see you at speech.

  5. Hey Aaron, which side are you for in the Civil War??? North or South??? I was just wondering...

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  7. Haha! You're funny! I like your questions.

    Um... I answered in the poll (was it your blog? or Davids?) that I'm for both. I think both sides had legitimate things they were fighting for. The war was more than just about slavery, there were lots of other things at stake.

    I guess if I had to choose a side,
    it would be the North, because they ended slavery.

  8. Everybody thinks that the North were just trying to end slavery... they had slaves too, and treated them worse that the South. The South's slaves loved their masters... The North just used slavery as a cover up so everyone thought they were fighting for a good cause. But really they wanted to govern over all the South people... I bet you didn't know that:) Maybe... most people think the war was all about slavery, and it really wasn't!

  9. Yeah, I knew that. :)

    But I'm still for the North because, though their motives may not have been good, they still ended slavery by winning the war. :)

    Ha! So there!.... JK

    I assume you're for the South then...?

  10. Yes! Of course!!! Besides I like grey better than blue:) Heehee.... And my mom said that the slaves were on the South side were really sad to have to leave because they had no were to go, but the North made them leave...

    The pole is back on:)

  11. I should do some research on the civil war cause there seems a lot of different stories and sides of the war.

    By the way, it's 'poll'.

  12. I know... but you spelled lessons wrong too:) Heehee... you should vote on my POLL:) haha... and you should also post soon!

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  14. Yup.
    By the way I voted on your pole. :)
    You'll have to guess which one... :)

    See ya tonight!

  15. I know!!! You voted for 12 kids... right??? Oh, and you spelled poll wrong.. heehee:D

  16. Did you do my poll?
    or comment on my blog?