Monday, October 1, 2007

An Old Speech I Did.


  1. That's great Aaron! Just Fantastic!
    I'm looking forward to seeing some NEW ones this year.


    P.S. White Rabbit!

  2. That one is soo funny!!! You did really good. Are you going to do a humorous this year??? You should. Okay, bye....

    I already said White Rabbit.. ha:D

  3. I laugh evertime you do the's so funny :)

  4. So... you never really answered me if you were going to do a humorous? But, I guess you said it at speech club. What are you going to do it on??? This time I expect a answer...

    Oh, and how did the debate go???? Did you win???

  5. My HI is from "Just So Stories," by Rudyard Kipling. It's a short story called "The Elephant's Child" about how the elephant got it's trunk. It's pretty funny. I could email you the rough draft script, if you want.

    I think you might even be borrowing that book from us right now....remember, at bowling?

    Debate went well, I need to practice my impromptu speaking and rebuttals were kind of weak. I was stuttering and so forth. But I learned alot of good stuff. And Tait won, of course, because of his suit.....haha!

  6. Ha... he won because of his suit.

    Yea, I have that book right now. Do you want me to bring it to speech to give it back to you? I remember you telling me about that story and that is was your favorite one in there. I thought about doing it, but decided I wouldn't. So, that's cool that you're doing one:)

    If you want you can email it to me. Maybe I'll email Devin and my Duo to you and see what you think (if it makes sense).

    Oh, and did Alexa get her hat back???