Monday, April 30, 2007

Some Pictures

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, I guess whoever said that was right. So I figured I could save some time and just post some pictures rather than try to compose many thousands of words. : )

My Family (June 2006)
From left to right: Dad, Mom, Naomi(Bride), Alexa, Me, Nathan, and in front, Caleb.

Mom and Dad dancing at our cousin's wedding (Sept. 06)

My Sisters
Alexa and Naomi (2004?)

My Brothers (2007)
Nathan and Caleb playing with the camera during dinner devotions (tsk tsk)



There is a long story behind this picture.
I will start from the beginning (...the very best place to start).


We used to go to a church in town (River Valley Community Church) and there was a ministry called "Kids Reaching Kids". It was sort of like Sunday School except a little more involved. All the kids in Sunday school got to do something. You could be a clown, a puppet hand, a face painter, or an actor. We did skits, puppet shows, etc. at parks and places. The clowns would hand out balloons, juggle, and attract other kid's attention.

So I was an actor. Noah in fact.

And, as everyone knows, Noah had a beard, right? And as you can see I was only a little buck who, try as I may, could not grow a beard. Much less a long, wispy, grey one as Noah undoubtedly had.

Make-Up works miracles! Within 30 seconds, I had a beard!

The make-up got kinda messy after playing Noah and then one of my friends starting putting ketchup in my hair! (Actually, its a red wig. But don't tell anyone. They wouldn't know otherwise).
So one of the moms thought it was soooooo cute (don't you think?) that she took a picture of me. And alas! There went my reputation as a dignified, stately, and venerable young lad! Now, all my hopes of being a pastor or a politician, are dashed because of one small and insignificant misunderstanding!!! (sniff)

The End

Stay tuned on Aaron's iBlog for more pictures!


  1. What a cute family...except you man, what happened?
    You look awefully wacky :)

  2. I doubt that Noah had a long wispy white beard. Sure, he was 400 something years old, but the way aging worked back then, he most likely didn't look ancient.

    Nice blog, by the way.

  3. Kaila,
    I'm pierced straight to the heart...
    a wound that will never heal...*sniff*


  4. If you're so concerned about your reputation, why make public an embaressing photograph?

  5. I like the pretty dresses. (the pic of your family at the wedding)