Saturday, April 7, 2007

Yard Work

Today we did mostly chores for the morning and afternoon.
We are having a large baby shower for my sister Naomi. She is due to give birth around May 3. We are expecting maybe 20 cars for the shower so we had to clear up space in our gravel driveway and RV park.
We first got rid of all the ashes from our fireplace that is up in the RV park. Then we moved all the stones, logs and debris away and weed-whacked the.......weeds. (I guess thats kinda obvious.)

Nathan and I also moved a row of firewood from the driveway into the carport. Last year we cut down about 10 of our biggest trees so we ended up with about 15 cords of firewood (tons of wood, as much or more then in this picture). We stacked it all to the side of the driveway to season during the summer.
The stack is about 7 ft by 20ft by 7 ft. There were also left-over logs which we split by hand (with a maul you see). While we were stacking wood in the carport we listened to Rascal Flatts and Avalon on Nathan's boom-box. It was good hard work.
Next I mowed the back lawn.

Then I did some raking.
Whoops. Wrong rake.

Here's the right rake.

It was a beautiful day; perfect for out-door work. The sun was out and there was a slight breeze which kept us cool while we worked. The best part, though, was re-stacking and splitting the firewood. I love the smell of fresh, cut wood. I like it even better than roses and flowers. I still like the smell of roses and flowers, though.

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  1. You sure gotta life. A good one too. Ahhhhh Yeah. Your kinda funny too. Did ya know that? Did ya?