Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Homeschooling Speech Part 1 of 5

This is a speech I wrote last year on homeschooling-

We got up at 6 o’clock in the morning, had some quick devotions, gathered up our school books, grabbed something to eat, and jumped in the van for Dad to drop us off in time to catch the school bus. Between the family, we went to 3 schools, Alexa attended Redwood Elementary, Nathan and I attended South Middle School, and Naomi (the oldest) was at Grants Pass High School. After catching the bus we would be at school until late in the afternoon and come home just in time to get dinner on the table and have a sit down meal. After that we would do loads of homework and try to be in bed in time to have a good nights sleep. Then the cycle would repeat itself the next day.....and the next......and the next.

“We didn’t get along very well I guess because we would rather be with our cool friends from school than be with our family. It was sort of stressful all the time even when I was with my friends, but, dude, at least I wasn’t home schooled. I mean, who’d want to be a brainy geek with huge glasses and a stuck-up nose and a pimply face who didn’t have any social life? Home schoolers were just so weird. They didn’t know how to fit in and be cool.” That was how I felt in the school year of 2002. And would you believe it, during Christmas break dad called a family counsel. He told us God had been pushing on his heart. He had been noticing a lot of discontentment and bad fruit in our attitudes and character. Dad told us we were going to be home schooled.

Today I would like to tell you the benefits of home schooling and why I believe it is far superior to public schooling. I would like to first, show how home schooling allows time for Faith, secondly, How it allows time for Family, and last of all, how home schooling allows time for Fun. Faith, Family, and Fun.


  1. I remember this speech... you gave it at speech club:0) It's really good!!!

    Everyone who hasn't heard it has to read it:)