Thursday, July 12, 2007

Of Churchill, Yard work, and Dinner'n'Dance

Winston Churchill
Lately I've been reading a book about Winston Churchill. It's called "Never Give Up" because of the way Churchill followed that motto. It's really fascinating to read about how greatmen of the past weren't simply born great. In fact, many of them were born as ordinary people who struggled with the same things we all do. What made them different was their will to press through the difficulties and be bold.

Winston Churchill was actually born to a Duke and had dreams of following his father into that position. Yet, his parents neglected him and pursued their social ambitions. In fact, his father thought his son was retarded and regularly vented his anger out on him. So while his parents were off on their social events, Churchill was cared for by his nanny, Mrs. Everest. Mrs Everest was a bible-believing christian who didn't follow the relativistic movements of the era. She helped Churchill to memorize scripture and taught him to pray. She was one of the biggest influences in Churchill's life.

He was a courageous man who later became the Prime Minister of Great Britain and basically pulled the Allies through World War 2. Winston Churchill was a man of action and character and still stands as one of the greatest leaders in history.

At the rebelution conference, Alex encouraged us to study history and great men of the past; to learn from their mistakes and their strengths. I've chosen Churchill as the man I'm going to research and learn from. Who are you going to research?

I will probably be posting more about Churchill later.

Yard Work
So, about yard work. Hmm...Where do I begin? Well, first of all I've been doing lots, lots of it. About a month ago I thought about making some money, so I went around the neighborhood putting yard work flyers into peoples newspaper boxes. I passed out about 50. And we live in a elderly community where people are older and can't do yard maintenance or just don't have the time. So, I got a lot of calls from anxious customers and yard work has almost become a part-time job for me. It is very fun, and everyone thinks I'm a very good worker. Of course, they're all wrong. Heehee.
It's not only fun, and outdoors, but I get paid for it. $8.50 an hour. God is VERY good. His blessings are innumerable.
How are you makin' money?

As you may already know, there is a Coram Deo Church- Dinner'n'dance tomorrow night at 6pm. (Friday, July 13th) There is going to be background music featuring-

Tait Deems,

Dylan Deems,

with "Homemade Jam".

We'll be playing some smooth jazz, some swing, funk and some rock. Sorry, no punk rock. heehee. Then, of course there'll be dancing with just CD music. No live music because the Deems don't want to miss out on the dancing.....right? haha! ;)
Please come and invite your friends. This event is sort of like a reach out to the community to let everyone know about Coram Deo Church. If you have questions or anything, about the dance, email me at


In conclusion, (1)study history and learn from people of the past. (2)Go enjoy the outdoors and perhaps find ways in which you can make money. (3)And lastly, but certainly not least, Come enjoy some christain fellowship and food at the Dinner 'n' Dance.
God Bless!

Coming up next will be a speech I wrote on homeschooling. Stay tuned!


  1. I sure hope we can come!!!!

  2. 1) I'm really anyone right now...shame, shame.
    2) I love yard work and have been doing a lot of it at home lately :)
    3) We might be coming tonight :)

    See ya soon!!!

  3. An evening without dancing, is like a day without sunshine.


  4. I would like to come, but we have to set up for church tonight.

  5. T8, I never see you dance... well, some times:) Heehee:0)

  6. I'd like to see you live up to that statement, T8ers. HAHA!!