Saturday, July 7, 2007

The Rebelution Conference 4

The Rebelution Sessions.
Session 2
Do Hard Things

-Brett Harris

Brett began his session with this story. It's definitely worth reading.

"I still remember my first shower. It was a horrible experience. I was eight years old and all I had ever known was baths. Baths were neat and tidy ordeals where the water flowed in from below my head and – provided I didn’t splash too much – stayed below my head.

I found showers to be an entirely different beast. The water, rather than flowing as a solid stream that was easily visible and avoidable, sprayed out as nearly invisible and unavoidable droplets that seemed to have a magnetic attraction to my eyes."

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Here are just some notes that took at the conference of this session. The subject was Do Hard Things (duh) and one of the things that really stuck with me was an example Brett used. He asked why is that when you are a growing child you are expected to learn to talk, to tie your shoes, to learn to read, and how to use the potty. Basically, you're expected to grow when you're young. But, for some reason, when we become teenagers, we're expected to stop growing and are allowed to use lame excuses for our laziness.

For example, it's excepted for a teenager to say something like- "I'm just not a math person" or "Grammar just isn't my thing" or "I'm just not a music person"; whereas if a toddler told us- "I'm just not a toilet person" or "Shoe laces just don't go well with me", we would laugh and say give me a break. It's absurd. But what seems absurd for toddlers is now excepted for teenagers. The cultures expectations of us teens has slowly gone down over the last century.

So how does that apply to "Do Hard Things"?

As teenagers, we should not let the culture set our standards for us. We should continually be pressing onward to greater and harder works. And all these hard things should be done for the glory of God.
I can't really go in depth right now about all the things behind "Do Hards Things" but if you go to the Rebelution and read a lot of their articles, you'll get a better understanding what Alex and Brett are all about. They have an awesome vision to reform todays youth to be about greater things than the next X-box or Game cube. I pray that God would bless their work and make it fruitful.

Here are some wonderful pictures of our trip to Sacramento and the conference. Enjoy!


  1. Awesome Post!!!! That's pretty crazy that the world doesn't expect much from teens, yet they want toddlers to learn things. I totally agree with this post. Nice job on explaining it.

  2. P.SS How would you have done that on tuesday and I just now saw the post?

  3. I started to write the post on Tuesday, and saved it as a draft. I finished it later and posted it.

  4. I like that. It is so true. I've had to break myself of hateing math and now I love it. I was just have a conversation on that with someone.

  5. Oh my goodness, you haven't posted for 4 days. I'm going to pop:) Heehee:)